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7 Reasons How Training Can Make A Real Estate Agent More Successful Today

Real estate agents today need constant training as the real estate industry is undergoing changes faster than ever before. To make the most out of a real estate career, agents should look for a broker that is constantly training his or her agents to ensure their success.

RE/MAX Central Training

Here at RE/MAX Central we have a dedicated on-site trainer that schedules monthly training sessions for our Agents and is also available for personal 1-on-1 training. Check out our monthly calendar to see what we offer! We also onboard each new Agent with a full package of tools and marketing support to help each Agent succeed in their business.

Here are 7 reasons how training can help make an agent more successful at selling real estate:

  1. Technology – Technology is a must for real estate agents today. There are so many new tools for agents to use. Whether it is to show houses, market themselves or to just manage their business, technology is a must know how. This applies to new agents and older agents not familiar with many technology tools. Technology, when used right, can help real estate agents get more done in less time.

  2. Marketing – Marketing has changed a lot over the past 5-10 years. It really has impacted how real estate agents market themselves and the houses they must sell. Having real estate agents trained in the latest marketing trends help them to market themselves better and to sell more houses. Marketing is changing at a rapid pace today, so this training should be monthly or bi-monthly.

  3. Sales Tactics – Sales training is a must every now and then to remind agents how to sell and how selling has changed over the years. People are not as accessible as they once were, and agents must know how to reach their clients. Communication skills are still a must today! Many younger clients like to be reached via text or Instagram messages. Older folks may prefer Facebook messages over email today.

  4. Real Estate Local Trends – This is an important topic to keep on top of for your agents. Many will know the trends as they are working in the field every day. But others may not be aware of the latest local trends. In some markets houses are staying on longer and other markets of the country houses are selling very fast. It’s important for real estate agents to know these trends.

  5. New Office Procedures – Many times people find better ways to get things done. The same goes for office procedures. The process to prepare for a closing, the closing itself, etc. Anytime there is a change in procedure real estate agents must know exactly what they need to do to get the job done.

  6. Local Laws – Updates. Laws in each state change from time to time regarding real estate. Agents must be able to keep up with the changes. No real estate agent wants to be sued for not knowing the laws on real estate in their state. Recently, RI changed a law, making lawyers the ones to conduct a closing.

  7. Motivation – Everyone can use some motivation from time to time. Recently RE/MAX Central invited ELEVATE! Sales Coach/Trainer Rosemary Kelleher to train our Agents on how to keep more of their commissions. What better way to get motivated than to keep more of your sales commission?

Tom believes the best trained agents are the most successful agents! If you are interested in becoming a real estate agent, call Tom Clarkin today to join RE/MAX Central in Coventry, Rhode Island where training and technology are at the forefront.


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