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Does Your Real Estate Office Help with Your Marketing?

Many real estate offices today offer #marketing for their agents but it’s more a do it yourself style of marketing. Others pay for marketing yet those are mostly for the office or marketing the brand and not so much for the individual agent.

37 Sandy Bottom Road, Coventry, RI

However, there’s a local office in Coventry, Rhode Island offering these types of services for the individual agent to help them grow their own #business. Introducing...RE/MAX Central.

Making Real Estate Agents Entrepreneurs

Broker/owner Tom Clarkin identifies his office’s purpose: “To help independent real estate agents thrive by fostering entrepreneurial development.” Borrowing from the old adage “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Real Estate Entrepreneurs

RE/MAX agents have an entrepreneurial spirit. Working for themselves without having limits on income potential is one way they embrace it.

Agents love the freedom of their time to work and balance family at their discretion. They love to spend time with grandchildren or be home for kids after school.

#RealEstateAgents are people who just love to be in control of their own destiny!

Mentorship is Important

But, they also love the mentorship that comes from the broker/owner of the office they are with. They have someone with more experience to guide them along in their career.

Tom also aids his real estate agents with a dedicated person to support marketing and training at the office. This makes it easier for the agents to work more with their buyers and sellers. They can spend more time doing what they love.

When a question arises, or a problem surfaces they have someone to go to. Someone who will be able to help and answer their questions and concerns.

Marketing for Your Own Business

Each RE/MAX agent is a business of their own. Therefore, each agent must market themselves. They have the big international brand of RE/MAX to back them, along with guidance from their local RE/MAX offices.

Most agents today have 2 areas in which to market. One is the business of buying and selling homes by, for example, getting listings in front of the right people. The other, just as important area is marketing themselves to help generate new listings and clients along the way.

These are 2 distinct forms of marketing that agents need to perform well in order to grow and be successful in the #realestate business.

RE/MAX offices like Tom’s office in Coventry, Rhode Island really understands this. He graciously provides a marketing and social media coach to help agent talent along the way. Individual agents won’t have to hire an agency or spend all kinds of money to accomplish their marketing goals.

Is RE/MAX Central Right for You?

If you love to sell houses and not spend all day marketing yourself to do so, you may want to check out Tom Clarkin’s office today. Where being a real estate agent is just that – matching people to their #dreamhomes.


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